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coursework: parsing and indexing Wikipedia articles

06 May 2014

In last winter semester I took Information Retrieval course in the university. During the course we have implemented several projects. One of them was to use Apache Lucene to index, rank and query Wikipedia articles. A small example of Wikipedia data can be found here. The application consists of four main modules: - Indexer: this module handles indexing documents - Parser: this module parses the XML data file, creates documents(Page object) and send it to Indexer for indexing - Searcher: this module handles searching i.e querying - WikipediaRetriever: this is a wrapper module for all functionalities. You should run this module if you want to use provided functionalities of the program. After running this module you will have 2 options: first one is indexing the data and the second option is to query in already created index.

Click to see the source code of the application

In the repository I’ve also put ready Lucene index to the folder called “small_lucene_index”. One can give path to this folder as an argument to the program and to search.

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