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coursework: distributed calendar app in Java and Ruby

06 May 2014

Finally I have got some time and enough passion to write a blog post about one of my courseworks I’ve done during last semester. The task was to implement a simple calendar network, where people can join network, start new network, quit network and CRUD appointments. The requirement was that all appointments should be syncronized among the machines in the node and there should not be any inconsistency and collision. Moreover it required us to write the same project in two different programming languages and user should be able to join to the network using calendar app implemented in different languages. I’ve chosen Java and Ruby and used XML RPC to connect the nodes in the network. To avoid collisions such as editing an appointment at the same time I’ve implemented Token Ring and Ricart agrawala mutual exclusion algorithms. Before running the application it is possible to set the mutual exclusion algorithm. I’ve published the code for both languages in github: Ruby and Java

Further instructions on how to run the program can be found in the repository.

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