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Currently I work as a Production Engineer at Shopify - a Canadian based commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between. Some of my responsiblities at Shopify are maintaining Load Balancing tier, Lua scripted dynamic request routing using Nginx, protecting the platform from Layer 7 (D)DoS attacks and bots, Automated Certificate Management, reducing manual work for traffic engineering and others.

Before Shopify I worked at a startup called fitogram, a web based fitness and welness directory. There I built the MVP from scratch that included internationalized content, Postgresql based full text search, Google Map based UI for search and filtering, multi-tenant CMS with subscription for studio owners, appointment scheduling system etc. During my time at fitogram I did everything from HTML/CSS coding, dynamic UIs using Javascript/JQuery to full Rails stack, deployment and database administration.

While at fitogram I was also pursuing my master's degree at University of Bonn, Computer Science department. My main focus there has been Intelligent Systems(Machine Learning, Data Mining).

For more information check out my resume (terribly outdated).

Oh last but not least I like olympic wrestling and soccer :)

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