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first step towards live configuration update in nginx ingress controller

18 Mar 2018

tldr; A new experimental feature introduced at https://github.com/kubernetes/ingress-nginx/pull/2174 allows us to skip Nginx reloads on backend changes/deployment.

Nginx Ingress Controller is a Kubernetes controller that watches updates on ingress resources of certain class and configures Nginx accordingly. Everytime there’s an update it generates a new corresponding Nginx configuration file and reloads Nginx workers so that they pick the new configuration. Even though Nginx handles reloads gracefully it is still desirable to avoid them because they result in increased memory consumption(for certain period of time while the old workers are around), reset of load balancing state and reset of the keepalive connections which lead to increased latency for end users. In a Kubernetes cluster everytime an application is deployed the IP addresses of its pods change. That means the controller has to create a new configuration with the list of updated upstream peers and reload Nginx workers. Now imagine you have 50 applications running behind the same Nginx Ingress Controller and each of them gets deployed 10 times per 8 hours(a work day) on average. Given the ideal distribution of those changes we would have more than one(1.04166667) reload per hour. This would mean your users would experience degraded performance every next hour. And this gets worse and worse with the number of applications.

In order to avoid this shortcoming Nginx Ingress Controller now supports a new experimental feature where when enabled it skips reloads for backend changes(pod IP changes are one of them). This was achieved by using balancer_by_lua directive offered by lua-nginx-module. When this feature is enabled the controller will skip reload and post the new list of backends to a Lua endpoint and Lua will take care of load balancing. Currently only Round Robin load balancing algorithm is supported. The feature was introduced at https://github.com/kubernetes/ingress-nginx/pull/2174 and can be enabled by starting nginx-ingress-controller with --enable-dynamic-configuration. It’s going to be included in the next release of Nginx Ingress Controller but in the meantime you can use index.docker.io/elvinefendi/nginx-ingress-controller:0.12.0 to try out this new experimental feature. Refer to this instructions for how to install Nginx Ingress Controller in your cluster.

The next immediate steps are going to be adding more load balancing algorithms to match the default Nginx LB features and skipping reloads when certificates change by using certificate_by_lua directive.

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